Al Doyle is a musician, composer and performer from Dublin, Ireland. To date he has released two albums, 2009’s Places, and 2013’s Blasphemy, and is currently planning the release of his third album. He has performed in several of Dublin’s music venues, including The Workman’s Club, The Grand Social and The Sugar Club and has regularly performed at various showcases and open mics, such as Dublin’s Underground Beat and The Monday Echo In the International Bar. He also ran a showcase of his own called Indie Spirit Dublin in The workman’s Club, which featured many up and coming artists from Ireland and beyond. From 2004 till 2010, Al was based in Madrid, where he also performed in various venues, bars, showcases and open mics.

“Doyle’s music is populated by killers, poets, broken hearted lovers and disenchanted starlets, all tied together with the grace of a natural storyteller with a gift for vivid imagery”
-Bernard O’Rourke, GoldenPlec

“Alan Doyle has a sound […] unlike any other new artist out there”
-Peter Nagle, 2 U I Bestow

“A well-travelled singer-songwriter, he makes more interesting music than your average Damien Rice-wannabe. With understated guitarplay and a brittle vocal, his is a soothing kind of indie-folk”
-Ronan Hunt-Murphy, Swear I’m Not Paul


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