Up-coming gigs this month

Just making a quick stop to let you know about a few great show’s I’ll be involved in this month..

Firstly, tonight (Wednesday, 5th March) I’ll be performing a featured slot at Dublin’s Underground Beat to promote next week’s ISD Session. DUB is always a great, unpredictable night, packed with brilliant music, poetry, performance, etc. If you can make it down, it’s highly recommended.

Secondly, the big one for me.. On Tuesday, 11th March, I’ll be presenting my very own, all acoustic (no mics) music/poetry showcase, Indie Spirit Dublin, in the No. 9 Room of the Workman’s Club. We’ve got a stellar line-up for the Spring Session with musical performances by Laura Ann Brady and Christian Collins and poetry performance from Turlach O’Broin and Clara Rose Thornton. It should be a beautiful night, and one I’m very excited about :D

Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!

Finally, I’ll be contributing a tune to the next Mixed Messages, a fantastic celebration of narrative of all forms, organised and presented by writers, Daniel Ayiotis and Victoria Fradgley.. More on that one later ;-)


The Sugar Club Gig

I’m delighted to announce that this Saturday (13th July) I’ll be playing a gig at gorgeous Dublin venue, The Sugar Club along side an amazing lineup of singer-songwriters. As well as my own set, there’ll be performances by John Cathal O’Brien, Johnny Rayge, and Robert Doyle. Make sure to check them all out.

Sugar Club

Doors open at 7:30pm and there’ll be an after party w/ DJ till late, admission is 5 euros. So… should be a beautiful night for all present.

I look forward to seeing some familiar, and some new faces there ;-)

The Sugar Club
8 Lower Leeson Street
Dublin 2

Admmission €5

Sugar Club

I’ll also take this chance to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s supported and listened to my music since the launch of my newest LP Blasphemy. The Stall seems to have been the album’s biggest hit so far, racking up the hits on Soundcloud. You can give it a listen below.

Blasphemy – Launch Night

Still winding down after such a beautiful night to celebrate the launch of my new album Blasphemy. Massive thanks to everyone who helped make the night so special by sharing your presence and to everyone who couldn’t make it down, for your well wishes.

 photo e6b236ad-b982-4129-8e4b-0b7e6f1d251e.jpg

As I’d mentioned at the launch, many of the acts that performed were bigger, more established and recognised artists than myself, so I tried to do things in a slightly unconventional way and attempted to integrate each act as an integral part of the show.

Ryhan O’Halloran kicked the night off with a powerful performance of his very original, very moving songs, joined at different times by Maurice Kenny and Kenny Doran. Ryhan and Maurice are still deciding on a band name and working on some demos for release very soon, I’ll keep you up to date as all unfolds.

 photo 15737b59-f3ac-46ce-bb26-6f36b23db1c9.jpg

Following that Garret Baker wooed the whole room with his gorgeous, melancholy words and melodies. If you haven’t already checked out Garret’s album The Magpie, what are you waiting for?! It’s one of the most beautiful, moving records I’ve heard in recent years and you’d be mad to miss it. The song This Town of Vacant Buildings beautifully captures the spirit and themes of the record.

Garret is currently putting the finishing touches to his next album… that’s one launch I don’t plan on missing.

 photo 94f1674d-14cf-423d-a841-0465b62b816e.jpg  photo a33cc657-ebdd-4777-a346-f9fbc7cb7a3f.jpg

At this point I opened my own set with a short performance on the ukulele, before stepping aside to allow Turlach O’Broin to do his thing and leave everyone blown away with his words and performance. The great Johnny McGlinn, host of Dublin’s Underground Beat, said of Turlach, that he’s a poet in the great tradition of Irish poetry… with every deserved respect to Johnny, I have to disagree, Turlach is a poet who will redefine the great tradition of Irish poetry. Don’t miss a chance to catch one of his performances.

I should also mention, apart from his performance Turlach sorted us out with lighting and took photos (can’t wait to see them), so basically, he was crucial to the success of the whole night. Thanks man :-)

Another little mention, I was very nicely surprised to receive a series of photos from the young and very talented aspiring journalist Noémie Maile Chivas-Baron. I decided to use her beautiful, creative images as official pics for the night. All the images from this post were taken by her.

 photo cb6b9308-c2d0-46f6-952e-ba20db8292da.jpg

Of course, I closed the night with my main set and performed every song from the new album, as well as a few other little favorites. I’ll remind you that the album is available to buy – for those who prefer to go digital – from iTunes – or if you prefer a traditional CD – from Bandcamp. It will also be available from me at upcoming performances. Here’s my whole set list for the night:

Ukulele Set
Let Her Out
The Stall

Guitar Set
Happy Song
Your Last Victim
Better World
The Road to Reno
Wooden Frame
Time Passes By
Towers Fall
Little Heart

I’ll leave you with a song which has been a bit of a minor hit for me since the album’s released… Massive thanks to all who were involved, and to all who were present last Friday for such a beautiful night ;-)

Album Launch & Up-coming Gigs

Album Launch

 photo 4688a0aa-308d-4a33-95a5-5e7cb00a1629.jpg

It’s hard to believe the date has almost arrived, so many years writing, recording and planning the release of a new album, and finally, this Friday (31st May) the launch will be happening.  It will be a beautiful all acoustic night, in the No. 9 Room of The Workman’s Club (on the first floor) and some amazing friends will be there to help make it all the more special.

There will be music by incredible singer-songwriter Garret Baker, and duo Ryhan O’Halloran & Maurice Kenny, as well as incredible spoken word performance by Turlach O’Broin, and of course, I’ll be playing all the songs from the new album, as well as a select few other little favorites and the album will be on sale. Be sure to check out Garret’s music:

and Turlach’s powerful poetry:

The Charge of the Trite Brigade
by Altered Lord Tenement

Half a plague, half intrigue,
Half a rogue honoured.
All in the alley of debt
Strode the quick hungered
Homeward, the trite brigade!
Charge for the goods he said:
Into the alley of debt 
Strode the quick hungered

Homeward, the trite brigade!
Was there a deputy dismay’d?
Not tho’ the elders knew
Some one had blunder’d:
Their’s not to give the eye,
Their’s not to clean the sty,
Their’s but to milk and vie:
Down a blind alley of debt
Strode we quick hungered.

Mammon to the right of them,
Mammon to the left of them,
Mammon in front of them
Volubly they thundered;
Warmed to yacht and Muscatel,
blithely they strode and fell,
Into the maw if debt,
Into the house of pastel
Strode the quick hungered.

“Flash” their neighbours declare,
“Flash” as they turned the chair
Patio heaters burn the air,
Charged an arm while
All the world wondered:
Sponged in the elatery soap
Thro’ the red line they broke;
Hack and Keynesian
Yield’d to the silk-cloak 
Flatter’d and pamper’d.
They held back, but not 
Not the sick hungered.

Mammon to the right of them,
Mammon to the left of them,
Mammon behind them
Pitifully they blundered;
Gone yacht and Muscatel,
The horse in Buy and Sell,
They that had bought fell
Stuck in the maw of debt,
Stuck in the house of pastel,
It was all that was left to them,
Left to the sick hungered.

When will the bill be paid?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wonder’d.
Labour to the charge they made!
Labour to the trite brigade,
Impel the sick hungered!

Ryhan and Maurice are still deciding on a band name and working on some demos for release in the near future. I’ll stream their stuff as soon as it’s out there.

And another little reminder, the new album is available to pre-order on itunes and to stream in full on Soundcloud:

Up-coming Gigs

As well as the album launch I’ve got some gorgeous gigs lined up over the summer to promote the album. I’ll be kicking off tonight with a pre-launch set at Dublin’s Underground Beat, downstairs in The International Bar at 8pm, the closing night of promotion  will be in the same place on the 26th August at The Monday Echo.

 photo 1fbc1fe4-078e-459d-9b24-5f8a3b345286.jpg


Full list of dates:

29 May, 8pm
Dublin’s Underground Beat
The International Bar
Wicklow St. 
Dublin 2

31 May, 7pm
Album Launch
The Workman’s Club (No. 9 Room)
10 Wellington Quay
Dublin 2

30 June, 11:50am
Dublin@Youbloom Festival
The Stag’s Head
1 Dame Court
Dublin 2

9-11 August
The Carne Cottage Festival
Co. Cavan

26 August, 8pm
The Monday Echo
The International Bar
Wicklow St.
Dublin 2

More to be announced very soon ;-)

 photo f6e2e8a7-2799-40fe-9b9d-1d888f4143f8.jpg

Upcoming 2013 Gigs

The year’s been off to a good start so far, I’ve done loads of open-mic nights, plus a featured set at Dublin’s Underground Beat, and I’ve put the final touches to a new album (more on that at a later date). So, with the idea of keeping up the good work, I’ve got a few gigs lined up around Dublin and Ireland between now and the summer.

Firstly, this Tuesday, 12 March, I’ve been invited to do a set at The Fireplace Sessions in Glasnevin in the North of Dublin, where, for decades, so much of Dublin’s best music has emerged:

The Fireplace Sessions
9:30pm, Tuesday 12 March

Tolka House Bar
Glasnevin Hill
Dublin 9

On Tuesday, 26 March, I’m booked to do a 30 minute slot at The Camden Sessions in Anseo on Camden Street. It’s a brand new, all acoustic (no amps, mics, etc.), weekly showcase that just started about a month ago, but they’ve already had performances from a few top performers from Dub’s underground scene:

The Camden Sessions
9pm, Tuesday 26 March

Camden Street
Dublin 2

 photo fddb9377-3dd7-4c9b-835a-5fcd1992eb5b.jpg

And finally, this summer, I’ve been included in the line-up for The Carne Cottage Festival 2013, in Co. Cavan, which takes place from 9 to 11 August. This is my first venture out of Dub for an Ireland gig, so it’s one I’m really looking forward to. I’ll be back to you with more details on where and when.

 photo 59066aba-ab9b-484a-812c-e21892228d21.jpg

So, to give a quick summary of confirmed gigs so far:

Tuesday, 12 March:
The Fireplace Session,
Tolka Bar House
Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9

Tuesday, 26 March:
The Camdem Sessions,
Camden Street, Dublin 2

9-11 August:
The Carne Cottage Festival
Co. Cavan

I’ll be adding more dates soon, so please check back again soon ;-)

Gig This Week, New EP w/ Miriam O’Shea Soon


If you’re looking for some good independent music this week, then look no further… Miriam and myself have been invited to play a 30 min set at The 50 Cent Sessions in Kilmeinham this Thursday in the Patriot’s Inn (a couple of blocks away from Heuston Station). It’s a monthly show that regularly features some of the best music underground Ireland has to offer. Show starts at 9pm…

So, to lay all that info out clearly, we’ll be playing:

The 50 Cent Sessions
9pm, Thursday 29 March


The Patriot’s Inn
760 South Circular Road

Our other news… We’ve started the groundwork on a new EP we plan to release together. It’s in the very early stages so I won’t say too much at the moment, but we’re very excited about it, we can’t wait to get some of the work we’re doing down on record. If all goes according to plan the record should be out in a couple of months or so. In the meantime here’s a “1 take tape recorder” version of our song Little Heart ;)

Debut Performance w/ Miriam O’Shea

Last Wednesday Miriam O’Shea and myself played a short set at Dublin’s Underground Beats, downstairs in the International Bar. It was our first performance together and was a hit with the local crowd… Miriam’s beautiful voice left everyone stunned. Our set was:

Little Heart
Marianne’s Song*
Your Last Victim
This Old Town

So, I just thought I’d share with you these moments from the show… Hope you enjoy :)

As a little added bonus I thought I’d throw in these videos from our rehearsal before the gig. The video and audio quality is a bit better, but we’re still warming… Don’t be too hard on us :))

New song*

Show Wednesday, New Music Soon

I recently promised that I’d be announcing upcoming shows soon, and here it is… Myself and Miriam O’Shea are doing our first show as a singer-songwriter duo this Wednesday. We’re booked to play a 20 minute set at Dublin’s Underground Beats, downstairs in The International Bar, along side some of the best of Dublin’s underground musicians and poets. We’ve only been collaborating for a short time, but we’ve been working hard to prepare for the show, and I think we might have something that works ;) So if you’re around, please feel free to drop by… Oh yeah, and admission is free.

So, just to lay all that info out clearly, we’ll be at:

Dublin’s Underground Beats,
The International Bar (downstairs),
Wicklow st. Dublin 2
Wednesday, 7 March, 8pm-12am
admission: Free


(main show finishes at 11pm for people who need last bus, then open-mic till 12)

Miriam and myself have also been talking about the possibility of recording an EP together. We haven’t fleshed out any details yet, but if all goes well, I might have some news for you in a couple of months or so (watch this space). In any case, I’ll keep you updated.

The Latest News

Welcome to the very first post on alandoylesounds, a blog I set up to talk about my music, what I’ve been up to, etc, etc. In reality, this blog is a continuation (or probably better said, a resurrection) of my Myspace blog which had been abandoned up to now for almost 2 years due to the unfortunate decline of Myspace. I also plan to start a completely separate blog to talk about my opinions on music in general. Actually, I’ve been bouncing this idea around in my head since last summer and haven’t yet mustered the courage to get it started, so I mention it here to make it harder for me to back out later. I’ll try to keep this post as short as I can, but it’s been a while… you know !?

2011 was a quiet year for me performance -wise. I played a few open-mic nights and debuted a few new songs, but did little other than that for most of the year. However, while I was hidden away I was hard at work on my second album, and towards the end of the year I released a sample of that work as “his words left fatal wounds – demos”, an EP featuring 4 unfinished songs from the upcoming LP. It’s been mentioned on a couple of Ireland’s top music blogs, Swear I’m Not Paul and 2 U I Bestow. You can download a copy from Bandcamp. I’m currently putting the finishing touches to the album and as soon as I have news on its release date you’ll be the first to know.

Also towards the end of 2011, I was interviewed by Seamus Egan from The Cutting Edge on Tipp Midwest Radio. The interview went out earlier this month. I was expecting the edited version to be about 10 to 15 minutes long, but it turned out to be a full half hour feature on me and my music. This was my first ever radio interview, so you can imagine how excited I was. I’ll be eternally grateful to Seamus. I’ve recently uploaded the interview to Youtube, so anyone who didn’t get a chance to tune in can listen to the whole thing online (below). Also, don’t forget to check out The Cutting Edge on Saturday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

2012 is already looking like a far busier year. Since November last year I’ve been performing regularly at Dave Murphy and Friends in The Banker’s Inn, one of Dublin’s most intimate and beautiful singer-songwriter/open-mic (or no-mic) nights. I’ve also played the open-mic at The Monday Echo in the Independent Bar (Mondays, if it wasn’t obvious :)) and Dublin’s Underground Beats, in the same pub on Wednesday nights. They’re 2 awesome nights for singer-songwriters and poets and hubs for the rich underground culture that can be found in Dublin nowadays. I’ll be announcing up-coming performances shortly.

Perhaps most exciting for me this year is, I’ve recently started collaborating with Miriam O’ Shea as part of a singer-songwriter duo. It’s very early days yet, so I won’t say much right now, but what we’ve got so far is starting to sound very nice. If all goes well, we should be announcing our first performances together very shortly, so stay tuned…

Phew, that was about as short as I could make it… Look out for future posts very soon :-)