31st May 2013

alan doyle, blasphemy, ireland, irish, artist 2nd album, 2nd LP!

“The Irish singer-songwriter’s second album offers a cutting deconstruction of the subtle taboos in today’s society. Its sound is dark, and more suggestively experimental than his debut, but it’s still a very acoustic record at its core.”

Let Her Out
Wooden Frame
The Road to Reno
Better World
Your Last Victim
Happy Song
Time Passes By
Towers Fall
The Stall

CD Baby

14th January 2010

alan doyle, places, ireland, irish, artist debut, first, album, LP!

“Irish singer-songwriter Alan Doyle’s debut album is in many ways as flawed as it is brilliant. It’s lo-fi, home recorded sound will be off-putting for some, but its rewards are many when given a chance. The album’s main strength is its songwriting.”

Somebody Told Me (Letter Home from San Francisco)
I Miss You
This Old Town
Don’t Shoot
Old Man Sittin’ in the Corner
Writers & Philosophers
A Rose on Your Grave
Lay me in the Ground
I’m Sorry (What’s the World Coming To)

CD Baby


His Words Left Fatal Wounds – Demos
2nd November 2011

alan doyle, his words left fatal wounds, demos, irish!

“A work in progress of Alan Doyle’s subsequently released second LP, Blasphemy.”

Brother (unfinished)
The Road to Reno (unfinished)
Happy Song (unfinished)
The Stall (unfinished)

CD Baby


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