my brother died last winter
he just faded away
he found his self destruction
west of liberty bay
and if you’d have seen him
it would’ve torn your heart
he was aged and broken
with a white lily in his hand

my brother was a killer
and he was a poet too
he’d hurt you with a bullet
but his words left fatal wounds
and if you’d have seen him
and lived to tell the tale
your songs would ring through smoky nights
and your scars would bleed with truths

my brother was a sailor
he saw the whole world through
he had his share of lovers
he left a broken hearted few
and if you’d have seen him
in your wine stained wedding dress
and mourned the thought of distances
you would have seen him at his best

i’ve lost myself
time devastates
our dreams

my brother was a sensitive man
he was haunted all his life
he couldn’t stand the pain he’d caused
but he just played his hand as dealt
and if you’d have loved him like me
you would have felt my sorrow
you would cry the tears of salt
that you tasted on my cheek


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